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Standard Terms and Conditions

  • The images provided by Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd (IDT) are for the purpose of assisting the Dentist or Surgeon in diagnosis and pre-surgical treatment planning. IDT is not providing and is not responsible for providing any interpretation of images or physician service such as diagnosis, treatment, or treatment planning.
  • IDT endeavours to provide the very highest quality results, however, IDT will not accept any liability for incorrect or incomplete information on the Booking Form, or inappropriate or inadequate patient preparation, which may compromise the value of the final results.
  • IDT endeavours to despatch the final images to the referring Dentist/Surgeon as fast as possible, however, equipment malfunction or pressure of other work may introduce delays. IDT reserves the right not to accept referrals in such cases. IDT must be notified 24 hours in advance of the CT scan if an Express Service is required.
  • IDT will not accept any liability for consequential losses arising from delays whether because of late or non-payment, non-receipt of a Booking Form, pressure of other work, or for any other reason. IDT suggests that you do not schedule an appointment to discuss the results with your patient until you have received the results from us.
  • IDT cannot guarantee that computer-readable images such as SimPlant™ datasets will be compatible with your computer system.
  • Please note that under IR(ME)R 2000 and SI 478 of 2002 a clinical justification must be provided for each dental CT scan. IDT provides Dentists/Surgeons with Referral Forms which can be used for this purpose; your patient should take this form with him/her to the CT scan appointment. Please send a photocopy of the completed and signed form to IDT as well.
  • When booking CT scans at Public Hospitals or i-CAT Scanning Sites on behalf of referring Dentists/Surgeons IDT accepts referrals from Registered Practitioners only. Please Register as a Practitioner or contact IDT for a Registration Form.

Booking & Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd (IDT) has business partnerships with a number of scanning sites across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The booking and payment procedures may vary depending on which site you refer your patient to. IDT maintains a complete list of available scanning sites online together with the appropriate booking procedures.
  • If you require your patient to be scanned at Public Hospitals or i-CAT Scanning Sites you must be a Registered Practitioner. IDT will carry out the booking procedure on your behalf, if you request a scan online. Please contact IDT for information and guidance.
  • If IDT carries out a booking procedure on your behalf, full payment for both the CT scan fee and IDT's reformatting fee must be sent directly to IDT at the address shown and received prior to the date of the CT examination.
  • IDT's policy is not to despatch the final images to the referring dentist/surgeon until full payment for the procedure has been received from the patient or the practice. Under exceptional circumstances we may at our discretion release the images to the referring Dentist/Surgeon but in such cases the referring Dentist/Surgeon must accept full responsibility for any fees.
  • When booking patients into Private Imaging Centres you should contact the private imaging centre or hospital directly to make the booking. Payment for both the CT scan fee and IDT's reformatting fee should be made as directed by the Private Imaging Centre.

IDT staff members are available during standard office hours to answer technical or administrative questions and we actively encourage this type of dialogue with our customers. Good CT images do not "just happen", they are the result of careful planning and very accurate radiographic technique.

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