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Dental CT View


Dental CT View is the world's first Dental CT and CBCT Viewer compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods. Now you can view your Dental CT/CBCT scans on the go!

Dental CT View allows you to preview dental computed tomography (CT) or cone beam CT (CBCT) scans on your iOS device. It provides an easily accessible resource for previewing dental CT or CBCT scans over the internet in a secure and rapid way.

Dental CT View is specifically designed for dentists, providing preview cross sections generated around a panoramic curve, all with intuitive pan-zoom viewing. Wireless and portable access to patient data sets allows rapid preview wherever and whenever you need it (fully conforming radiological workstations must be used for final diagnosis).

Dental CT View protects patient data by using an encrypted file transfer process which requires a password to prevent unauthorised access. Referring dentists can use the app to preview patient scans within minutes after the scan is taken. Please Note - datasets must be pre-processed by IDT Scans before they can be dislayed with Dental CT View.

Try Dental CT View today using the demo account, which contains anonymised patient data - just clear the Login and Password, and press View Scans.

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How To Use

  1. Login Screen

    Login Details - Enter your secure login details and tap View Scans to check and download your CT/CBCT scans. The app will remember your Login so you need only enter your Password the next time you launch Dental CT View.

    • Existing sFTP users - Please enter your sFTP Username (Login) and Password. If you have forgotten these details please contact us here.
    • First Time users - If you do not already have an sFTP account with IDT Scans please register and request one here.
    • Demo users - If you would like to try Dental CT View without registering please clear the Login and Password fields, tap View Scans and you will be transferred to a demo account containing anonymised patient data.


    • View Scans - Tap to check for new scans or view downloaded scans offline.
    • Request New Scan - Tap to arrange a new CT/CBCT scan or reformat an existing CT/CBCT scan to be viewed in Dental CT View.
  2. Scans List

    Here you will find a list of all new CT/CBCT scans ready for downloading as well as downloaded scans ready to view. To view a scan please tap the filename (which consists of Patient Name, Scan Date, and Region Scanned). If the scan shows "Download" it will be downloaded to the device before viewing. A downloaded scan will remain on the device to be viewed offline at a later date.


    To delete a scan from your device please swipe across the "Download" button and tap "Delete". The scan will remain on the server and may be downloaded again.

    To refresh the list please tap the "Refresh" button at the right of the Title Bar.

    To return to the Login Screen please tap the "Main" button at the left of the Title Bar.

  3. Image Viewer

    Here you will be able to view your CT/CBCT images.

    Navigating the images

    • With the Blue Line - by moving the blue line on the panoramic image you can adjust the cross-section slice to the corresponding position on the panoramic image.
    • With the Arrows - you can step to the next cross-section image (left or right) by using the left and right arrows on the bottom toolbar.

    Zooming the image

    • Use the pinch gesture on the cross-section image to zoom it in or out. Double tap swaps between the zoomed and un-zoomed image, and back again. The same gestures can be used on the panoramic image when in full screen mode. A magnified image can be panned by simply dragging it.

    Full screen panoramic image

    • Landscape - Turn the device into a landscape orientation to activate a full screen panoramic image. This image can be zoomed and panned using the same gestures as for the cross-section images. Rotate the device back to a portrait orientation to exit the full panoramic mode (or tap the "Back" button).
    • The Pan Button - Located in the middle of the bottom toolbar, this will switch the screen to a full screen panoramic when tapped. The full screen panoramic image can be zoomed and panned as with the cross-section images. Rotate the device back to a portrait orientation to exit the full screen panoramic mode (or tap the "Back" button).

    Back to scans list

    • Tap the "Scans" button (top left hand corner) to go back to your list of scans.

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Please make general comments about DentalCTView on the AppStore, where others will be able to see them.

For bug reports or requests for new features, please contact us here.

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